Foot & Lower Limb Pain

Foot pain is not normal. Pain in the ball of your feet, heel, ankle, leg, knee or lower back can all be caused by the way we walk. These pains can be caused by the structure and position of the feet during stretching, walking or exercising.

At Footprints Surgery, we can assess, diagnose and treat these conditions with functional orthoses. We have over-the-counter insoles available in the practice which may suffice with a programme of stretches.

Our Podiatrist is fully trained to undertake a biomechanical assessment (also known as ‘gait analysis’) which can reveal the causes of discomfort for anyone suffering from persistent foot, knee, hip or lower back pain.

Biomechanical Assessments generally take around 45 minutes to complete, during which time your podiatrist will check the range of motion in the joints of the legs and feet.

Patients are requested to bring shorts, or other appropriate clothing, to their biomechanical assessment, in order that your podiatrist can have a clear view of the legs and feet.

Are you experiencing foot pain?

Let’s look at the mechanics and overall issues.

Our feet provide our mobility and are complex structures made up of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves, blood vessels all covered by a protective layer of skin.

These structures are prone to a variety of problems and conditions which can affect our mobility, some of these problems are due to poor foot function, an inefficient gait cycle (the way we walk, run or stand), poor posture, and wear and tear in sport, injury or simply aging.

You are more likely to experience muscle or joint pain in areas of your body for example ankles, knees, hips and back if your structure is misaligned. Custom made orthotics could help alleviate the pain you are experiencing.

figures showing body alignment and misalignment

We have installed the innovative FootBalance medical system at our practice in Edgware, to allow us to diagnose a wide range of foot problems associated with poor foot function and bring you the benefits of a range of affordable custom made orthotics.

To alleviate these symptoms a custom made orthotic will be moulded to your foot in less than 15 minutes to help improve foot function, to aid improvements to your walking cycle which could also contribute to reducing tiredness. These will also come with a 30-day comfort guarantee and can be modified as required.

However you don’t have to have a foot condition to enjoy the benefits of the FootBalance custom insoles, why not improve your enjoyment of using your existing footwear which you may find unsupportive or uncomfortable.

examples of feet in alignment and misalignment
The FootBalance system in use

The FootBalance medical system we have introduced is innovative in the way it helps us in the making of your custom orthotics.

The use of affordable custom made orthotics will help reduce the stresses that the foot undergoes during walking or running and off loads in painful areas of your feet.

The Footbalance medical custom made orthotics along with its range of reinforcements will with its low profile fit into most types of shoes (even a converse type shoe).

We offer a Free of Charge 15 minute assessment, by appointment only, on our FootBalance System, with no obligation to purchase. Why not call us to book your initial assessment?

For even more information on musculoskeletal Podiatry please view the following video from our Society.

Making an appointment

Footprint Surgery is open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. We will always do our best to accommodate urgent or short-notice appointments.